TaransWorld Discord Bot - Setup     

What is the purpose of this bot?

TaransWorld GoW Discord Bot is a powerful tool that collects information from several aspects of the Gems of War© game and displays them for easy access on Discord. Members will be able to access a wide range of information about classes, kingdoms, weapons, traits, traitstones, spells, pets, troops, and future releases and events. Members will be able to search and pull up summaries of all the above as well.

Guild Masters also have their own set of specialized tools to help you during interviewing a GoW potential new member. Using their invite code you will be able to get some basic information about the member allowing you to better decide if they are good fit for your guild.

Server Administrators will have tools to setup discord welcome messages, goodbye messages, add roles to new users, mass delete messages, and record logs of all new discord members, members that have left, changed their names, were kicked or banned and more.

What are the bot setup steps?

  • Invite the bot to your discord server.   (required)

    Inviting TaransWorld GoW Discord bot to your server is almost as simple as clicking this link: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=529923914969907210&scope=bot

    After clicking the link Discord might ask you to login if you have not already. Then it will present you a dropdown boxes with the guilds you are an Administrator on. Select your guild and click Authorize.

  • Setup the bots permissions.   (required)

    Please create a role just for this bot with administrator permissions, move that role to the top of all other roles and be sure to assign the TaransWorld bot to this role.

    Why: Taransworld bot handles user welcomes, server logs, bans, kicks, role changes, message management and more discord admin features coming. These features cannot run without administrator permission.

  • Setup the bots prefix.   (required)

    First, what is a “prefix”. The prefix is a character/symbol used to signal the bot that a command is forthcoming. You always want the prefix to be something that would not be used normally at the beginning of a line and is not used by any other bots you might have.

    By default TaransWorld bot uses ! as it’s prefix. If this does not conflict with any other bots you have it is suggested to leave it as is.

    If you wish to change the bot prefix you can use the command !prefix or if ! is already being used by another bot try twprefix instead. Follow this command with the symbol you wish to replace the default prefix with.

  • Configure the bots log channel.   (required)

    The Log channel is used to post messages when a user joins the guild, leaves the guild, is kicked from the guild, is banned from the guild, or changes their nickname. The bot will also use this channel to post any errors or messages to be addressed by the Discord Admin. These logs will be useful for troubleshooting and keeping a guild history to look back at over time.

    It is suggested to create a new text channel for these logs and only assign it to your guild managers. Use the bot command !logCh to configure the bot to use this new channel.

  • Setup bot announcements.

    Setting up your guild announcements is fun and easy. First you need to pick the channel the announcements are going to be broadcast to. These announcements are pushed anytime a member joins your discord server or leaves. To set the channel for announcements use the !announceCh command followed by the #channelName.

    Next set the welcome message that will be announced when a new member joins the guild. The command for this is !welcomeMsg followed by your message. Your message will be displayed exactly as you type it so you can use bold, italic, and so on. The keyword MEMBER.NAME (in caps) will be replaced with the new member's nickname. An example of this would be “Welcome MEMBER.NAME” will be changed to “Welcome Taran” if I joined your server.

    Be creative with your welcome message. It can be hundreds of characters long so, you have a lot of leeway with what you can tell or ask of the new member.

    Next you may want to setup a goodbye message. The command for this is !goodbyeMsg followed by your message. This message is sent to the announcement channel when a member leaves your server. A message might be something like “MEMBER.NAME has left the server”.

  • Setup new member roles (and why).

    A new member role is good to auto assign to all members when they first hit your discord server. The benefit of this is that if you do not get to the person right away or if they do not join right away or at all you can view members with that role. So, an example of using this is give all new members a @guest role. If the members join your guild you would remove guest and give them the roles for your guild based on their position. Once in a while go to your server settings, members and display role @guest to see all the people on your server that are not actively a member. (this is a best practice)

    To assign a member with a role when they hit your server use the !newUserRole command followed by a role name.

  • Setup your Guild Managers role.

    The TaransWorld discord bot has a special menu for Guild Managers. These are members of your guild responsible for interviewing and selecting members to join your guild. The commands in this menu are not for everyone and therefore are only available to members with an assigned role.

    So, create a new role for your guild managers (if you do not already have one). Assign this role to members that need this menu and finally tell the bot what role to use for this menu. To configure this role on the bot simply run the command !guildMgtRole followed by the role name.

To review the configuration changes you have made to the bot use the command !serverInfo. This command will give you a summary of your discord server and the bots configuration.

Guild Masters:
I also have more tools available for you including a Guild View webpage (simplifying guild management) and Discord Webhooks which push offical GoW news and spoilers directly to your servers.

See more about these tools or contact me on my discord server here: Taran