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Jun 21, 2019
60 Days
Unnamed Banner

+2 Brown +1 Yellow -1 Purple
Stonesong Eyrie
The Unknown Kingdom


Troop Types: No Troop Type

Id: K46 / 3067
Harpy, Bladewing, Harpy Mage, Queen XochiMana Color: Brown, YellowMap name: Underworld

Map position: 1251 x 1344

Link Suncrest

Aug 30, 2019
130 Days

+2 Purple +1 Blue -1 Yellow


Troop Types: No Troop Type

Id: K48 / 3063
City of Thieves 1, City of Thieves 2, City of Thieves 3, City of Thieves LegendaryMana Color: Blue, PurpleMap name: Underworld

Map position: 537 x 1648

Link Leonis Empire

May 17, 2019
25 Days
Sunken Banner

+2 Blue +1 Red -1 Green
Sunken Fleet
Wreckage of the Maraji Fleet

Delve: The Maraji Queen

Description: In ages past, the Summer Queen defeated the fleet of Al-Maraj, banishing them to the Underworld.

Troop Types: No Troop Type

Id: K45 / 3069
Crab Man, Drowned Sailor, Water Elemental, The Maraji QueenMana Color: Blue, RedMap name: Underworld

Map position: 1820 x 1664

Link Bright Forest


Dec 31, 2029
3907 Days
Unnamed Banner

+2 Green +1 Brown -1 Red
The Unknown Kingdom


Troop Types: No Troop Type

Id: K47 / 3053
Amanithrax 1, Amanithrax 2, Amanithrax 3, Amanithrax LegendaryMana Color: Brown, GreenMap name: Underworld

Map position: 898 x 552

Link Zaejin