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#Apr 12, 2019
122 Days
Unnamed Banner

+2 Purple +1 Brown -1 Blue
Silver Necropolis
The Unknown Kingdom


Troop Types: No Troop Type

Id: K44 / 3066
Silver Necropolis Troop 1, Silver Necropolis Troop 2, Silver Necropolis Troop 3, Elven Lichn/aMap name: Underworld

Map position: 209 x 614

#Feb 01, 2019
52 Days
Saurus Banner

+2 Red +1 Blue -1 Brown
Fang Moor
The Setauri Wetlands

Delve: Temple of Set


Troop Types: No Troop Type

Id: K42 / 3050
Horned Asp, Setauri, Shaman of Set, Chief Dargonn/aMap name: Underworld

Map position: 1495 x 1134

#Mar 08, 2019
87 Days
Rat Banner

+2 Brown +1 Green -1 Blue
Dark Pits
The Unknown Kingdom

Delve: The Dark Pit


Troop Types: No Troop Type

Id: K43 / 3049
Rattigar, Plague Rat, Hex Rat, Sledgepawn/aMap name: Underworld

Map position: 1118 x 1822

#Dec 28, 2018
17 Days
Warren Banner

+2 Green +1 Yellow -1 Blue
The Warrens
The Lapina Burrows

Delve: The Great Warren

Description: A faction of Krystara's rabbit-folk live here in the dark burrows of the Underworld.

Troop Types: No Troop Type

Id: K41 / 3052
Trickster, Bunnicorn, Lapina Knight, Lunan/aMap name: Underworld

Map position: 1136 x 483

Link Pan's Vale & The Warrens