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Jan 17, 2020
38 Days
Beastly Banner

+2 Red +1 Green -1 Blue
The Forest of Shapeshifters

Delve: Lair of the Beastmaster

Description: These woods are overrun by creatures fiercely loyal to the Beastmaster, who can change shape into any of his subjects.

Troop Type: No Troop Type

Id: K52 / 3068
Beastmaster Torbern, Werebear, Werebird, Werecatx2 Lord of Lycanthropes: 2
x3 Duke of Lycanthropes: 2   2
x4 King of Lycanthropes: 3   4
Map name: Underworld
Map position: 389 x 401
Link: Urskaya

Mana Color: Green, Red

Dec 13, 2019
3 Days
Frostfire Banner

+2 Blue +1 Yellow -1 Brown
Frostfire Keep
High Elves in Exile

Delve: The Frostfire Throne

Description: Long ago, a renegade Elven Lord of Frost and Fire made his home here.

Troop Type: No Troop Type

Id: K51 / 3056
Frostfire Troll, Frostfire Witch, Frostfire Wraith, The Frostfire Kingx2 Lord of Frostfire: 2
x3 Duke of Frostfire: 2   1
x4 King of Frostfire: 2   2
Map name: Underworld
Map position: 1528 x 281
Link: Stormheim

Mana Color: Blue, Yellow

Jan 01, 2030
3675 Days

+2 Yellow +1 Purple -1 Brown



Troop Type: No Troop Type

Id: K53 / 3070
Chaos Hound, Crazed Troll, Dementicore, Lyraszax2 Lord of Pandas: 2
x3 Duke of Pandas: 2   1
x4 King of Pandas: 2   2
Map name: Underworld
Map position: 839 x 1612

Mana Color: Yellow, Purple