SoulForge History
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Rows with green dates are spoilers and subject to change.

Last change dateWeapon nameKingdomWeapon raritySeen
Mon, Aug 26, 2019Jar of Eyes 1222DarkstoneLegendary0
Mon, Aug 26, 2019Doomed Runestones 1242DarkstoneDoomed0
Mon, Aug 26, 2019Blood-Drinker 1210DarkstoneLegendary0
Mon, Aug 26, 2019Dark Sword 1172DarkstoneEpic0
Mon, Sep 02, 2019Mace of Claws 1281Dragon's ClawLegendary0
Mon, Sep 02, 2019Volcanic Shield 1227Dragon's ClawLegendary0
Mon, Sep 02, 2019Eggsplosion 1098Dragon's ClawLegendary0
Mon, Sep 09, 2019Fire Staff 1162Blighted LandsEpic0
Mon, Sep 09, 2019Deathspire 1205Blighted LandsLegendary0
Mon, Sep 16, 2019Fire and Ice 1099Dhrak-ZumLegendary0
Mon, Sep 16, 2019Doomed Blade 1226Dhrak-ZumDoomed0
Mon, Sep 16, 2019Stone Slicer 1266Dhrak-ZumLegendary0
Mon, Sep 16, 2019Korag's Invention 1282Dhrak-ZumLegendary0
Mon, Sep 23, 2019Ice Aegis 1208StormheimLegendary0
Mon, Sep 30, 2019Doomed Cauldron 1236KarakothDoomed0
Mon, Sep 30, 2019Grasping Grimoire 1283KarakothLegendary0
Mon, Oct 07, 2019Spiked Mace 1243Grosh-NakLegendary0
Mon, Oct 07, 2019Earth's Fury 1199Grosh-NakLegendary0
Mon, Oct 07, 2019Doomed Codex 1185Grosh-NakDoomed0
Mon, Oct 14, 2019Doomed Glaive 1248Maugrim WoodsDoomed0
Mon, Oct 14, 2019Wolf Hammer 1284Maugrim WoodsLegendary0
Mon, Oct 14, 2019Hope's Crescent 1197Maugrim WoodsLegendary0
Mon, Oct 21, 2019Wall of Oblivion 1196GhulvaniaLegendary0
Mon, Oct 21, 2019Doomed Scythe 1258GhulvaniaDoomed0
Mon, Oct 28, 2019Tome of Spores 1274ZaejinLegendary0
Mon, Oct 28, 2019Norbert's Turnip 1285ZaejinLegendary0
Mon, Oct 28, 2019Fleshripper 1194ZaejinLegendary0
Mon, Nov 04, 2019Doomed Chronicle 1184Divinion FieldsDoomed0
Mon, Nov 04, 2019Shooting Star 1195Divinion FieldsLegendary0
Mon, Nov 04, 2019Rose Bow 1240Divinion FieldsLegendary0
Mon, Nov 04, 2019Wild Hunter 1286Divinion FieldsLegendary0
Mon, Nov 11, 2019Cobra's Curse 1235Mist of ScalesLegendary0
Mon, Nov 11, 2019Pit Knife 1251Mist of ScalesLegendary0
Mon, Nov 11, 2019Mist of Scales Weapon 1288Mist of ScalesLegendary0
Mon, Jun 24, 2019Grudgekeeper 1267KhazielLegendary1
Mon, Jun 24, 2019War and Peace 1101KhazielLegendary1
Mon, Jun 24, 2019Stone Aegis 1211KhazielLegendary1
Mon, Jul 01, 2019Silent Night 1066Glacial PeaksEpic1
Mon, Jul 01, 2019Frost Staff 1160Glacial PeaksEpic1
Mon, Jul 01, 2019Glacial Crystal 1188Glacial PeaksLegendary1
Mon, Jul 01, 2019Doomed Statue 1245Glacial PeaksDoomed1
Mon, Jul 08, 2019Sheggra's Spine 1268Broken SpireLegendary1
Mon, Jul 08, 2019Flammifer 1206Broken SpireLegendary1
Mon, Jul 08, 2019Doomed Club 1229Broken SpireDoomed1
Mon, Jul 15, 2019Doomed Potions 1260Zhul'KariDoomed1
Mon, Jul 15, 2019Dark Staff 1164Zhul'KariEpic1
Mon, Jul 15, 2019Darkshot 1231Zhul'KariLegendary1
Mon, Jul 22, 2019Plumed Staff 1269SuncrestLegendary1
Mon, Jul 22, 2019Light Sword 1171SuncrestEpic1
Mon, Jul 22, 2019Nimbus Bow 1232SuncrestLegendary1
Mon, Jul 29, 2019Ragereaver 1207Wild PlainsLegendary1
Mon, Jul 29, 2019Primal Axe 1234Wild PlainsLegendary1
Mon, Aug 05, 2019Orpheus' Verse 1270Leonis EmpireLegendary1
Mon, Aug 05, 2019Golden Sun 1204Leonis EmpireLegendary1
Mon, Aug 12, 2019Doomed Axe 1257Drifting SandsDoomed1
Mon, Aug 12, 2019Blade of the Sands 1125Drifting SandsLegendary1
Mon, Aug 12, 2019Stone Staff 1165Drifting SandsEpic1
Mon, Aug 12, 2019Crystal Axe 1241Drifting SandsLegendary1
Mon, Aug 19, 2019Summer Aegis 1271Bright ForestLegendary1
Mon, Aug 19, 2019Trickster's Shot 1201Bright ForestLegendary1

Removed weapons 1104, 1111, 1113, 1112, 1175, 1176, 1177 which appear every week.