Manticore Cub
I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him...

Arcane: Plains
Base Rarity: Rare
Troop Type: Monster
Troop Role: Warlock
Troop Id: K23_19 / 6885
Max skills: 16    26    14    0
Kingdom: Leonis Empire
Kingdom Id: 3025
Trait #1: Monster Bond
Allied Monsters gain 2 Life.
Trait #2: Air Heart
Gain 1 Life for each Yellow ally.
Trait #3: Spell Armor
Reduce damage from Spells by 25%.
Spell: Little Song
Description: Charm the first Enemy and drain their Mana by 3.
Mana Color: Yellow, Purple
Mana Cost: 10
Spell Id: 8308
PC Release: Monday, Jun 8, 2020
Switch Release: Tuesday, Jan 1, 2030