Beastmaster Torbern
Don't move. The beast is fierce. But if we show no fear, we might escape.

Arcane: Lava
Base Rarity: Legendary
Troop Type: Beast, Human
Troop Role: Warmaster
Troop Id: Boss_K52 / 6830
Max skills: 23    22    13    0
Kingdom: Werewoods
Kingdom Id: 3068
Trait #1: Deep Vitality
Gain 9 Life when attacking Delves.
Trait #2: Beast Bond
Allied Beasts gain 2 Life.
Trait #3: Master of Beasts
Give 2 Attack and Armor to Beast Allies when matching 4 or more Gems.
Spell: Call of the Wild
Description: Convert Blue Gems to Red and Brown Gems to Skulls. Hunter's Mark the first 2 Enemies. There's a 25% chance to transform into a Werewoods Beast.
Mana Color: Red, Brown
Mana Cost: 18
Spell Id: 8232
Switch Release: Tuesday, Jan 1, 2030