Birch Please!

Arcane: Swamp
Base Rarity: Epic
Troop Type: Elemental, Fey
Troop Role: Striker
Troop Id: K31_13 / 6764
Max skills: 17    23    21    12
Kingdom: Bright Forest
Kingdom Id: 3002
Trait #1: Nature Heart
Gain 1 Life for each Green ally.
Trait #2: Barkskin
Reduce damage from Skulls by 33%.
Trait #3: Godslayer
Deal 3x - 5x Skull damage vs. Bosses, based on my ascension.
Spell: Take Root
Description: Deal [Magic + 4] damage to an Enemy. If they are a Boss, deal 3x - 5x damage, based on my Ascensions. If the Enemy dies, Entangle all Enemies.
Mana Color: Blue, Green
Mana Cost: 12
Spell Id: 8149