Harpy Mage
She's looking for a Harpy-ever after.

Arcane: Storm
Base Rarity: Epic
Troop Type: Stryx, Mystic
Troop Role: Generator
Troop Id: K46_02 / 6754
Max skills: 19    29    10    5
Kingdom: Stonesong Eyrie
Kingdom Id: 3067
Trait #1: Deep Vitality
Gain 9 Life when attacking Delves.
Trait #2: Deadly Flock
25% chance to summon a Bladewing when an Enemy dies.
Trait #3: Swift
Start battles with 75% Mana.
Spell: Storm of Claws
Description: Conjure a Duststorm, then choose an Ally and explode [Magic + 1] Gems of one of their Mana Colors.
Mana Color: Red, Yellow
Mana Cost: 14
Spell Id: 8133
Switch Release: Friday, Mar 27, 2020