Water Elemental
He lies, but people sea right through him.

Arcane: Shield
Base Rarity: Epic
Troop Type: Elemental
Troop Role: Mage
Troop Id: K45_02 / 6750
Max skills: 17    25    19    7
Kingdom: Sunken Fleet
Kingdom Id: 3069
Trait #1: Deep Magic
Gain 5 Magic when attacking Delves.
Trait #2: Spell Armor
Reduce damage from Spells by 25%.
Trait #3: Water Link
Gain bonus Blue Mana from Blue Gem matches.
Spell: Flood
Description: Deal [Magic + 2] damage to all Enemies and then Stun them.
Mana Color: Blue, Brown
Mana Cost: 13
Spell Id: 8128