Harpy Eagle
The sad eagle didn't want to be on a card.

Arcane: Swamp
Base Rarity: Ultra-Rare
Troop Type: Beast
Troop Role: Striker
Troop Id: K27_14 / 6736
Max skills: 18    26    13    10
Kingdom: Suncrest
Kingdom Id: 3023
Trait #1: Eagle Eye
Place Hunter's Mark on enemies when doing Skull damage.
Trait #2: Agile
20% chance to dodge Skull damage.
Trait #3: Swift
Start battles with 75% Mana.
Spell: Soaring Dive
Description: Destroy a Column. Deal [Magic + 3] damage to the last Enemy, boosted by Yellow Gems destroyed. Then Pull them to the front. [4x]
Mana Color: Blue, Green
Mana Cost: 11
Spell Id: 8106