Almost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane.

Arcane: Swamp & Shield
Base Rarity: Mythic
Troop Type: Daemon
Troop Role: Warmaster
Troop Id: K02_16 / 6700
Max skills: 16    31    22    8
Kingdom: Karakoth
Kingdom Id: 3017
Trait #1: Spell Armor
Reduce damage from Spells by 25%.
Trait #2: Impervious
Immune to all Status Effects, Devour, and Mana Burn.
Trait #3: Curse of Madness
Curse a random Enemy when matching Brown.
Spell: Madness Returns
Description: Devour an Ally, then summon a Daemon if the Ally is devoured. Deal [Magic + 16] true scatter damage, boosted by my Life. [3:1]
Mana Color: Blue, Green, Brown
Mana Cost: 24
Spell Id: 8056
Switch Release: Friday, Jun 5, 2020