And now it's time to pay the price.

Arcane: Forest
Base Rarity: Ultra-Rare
Troop Type: Wargare
Troop Role: Generator
Troop Id: K16_14 / 6696
Max skills: 19    19    15    11
Kingdom: Maugrim Woods
Kingdom Id: 3008
Trait #1: Eagle Eye
Place Hunter's Mark on enemies when doing Skull damage.
Trait #2: Armor Piercing
50% chance to ignore Armor with Skull damage.
Trait #3: Nature Link
Gain bonus Green Mana from Green Gem matches.
Spell: On the Hunt
Description: Create 7 Green and 7 Red Gems. Summon 1 - 2 Dire Wolves.
Mana Color: Green, Brown
Mana Cost: 11
Spell Id: 8042