Who ordered the spicy wings?

Arcane: Beast & Storm
Base Rarity: Mythic
Troop Type: Elemental, Stryx
Troop Role: Mage
Troop Id: K27_12 / 6649
Max skills: 19    31    16    4
Kingdom: Suncrest
Kingdom Id: 3023
Trait #1: Fire Spirit
Gain 1 Magic for each Red ally.
Trait #2: Fireproof
Immunity to Burning and Faerie Fire.
Trait #3: Sun Flare
50% chance to Burn a random enemy at start of my turn.
Spell: Rising Sun
Description: Deal [Magic + 1] damage to all enemies, boosted by Red Gems and Burning enemies. If there is Firestorm, deal double damage. [1:1]
Mana Color: Green, Red, Yellow
Mana Cost: 24
Spell Id: 7983