Silent Sentinel
Silence, I kill you!

Arcane: Blade
Base Rarity: Legendary
Troop Type: Construct, Mystic
Troop Role: Defender
Troop Id: Boss_K33 / 6623
Max skills: 20    20    22    9
Kingdom: Hall of Guardians
Kingdom Id: 3042
Trait #1: Spell Armor
Reduce damage from Spells by 25%.
Trait #2: Stoneskin
Reduce damage from Skulls by 50%.
Trait #3: Serenity
Inflict Silence when enemies deal Skull damage to me.
Spell: Quiet Resistance
Description: Explode a column. Gain [Magic + 1] Life. If any enemy is Silenced, Enchant all other allies.
Mana Color: Blue, Yellow
Mana Cost: 15
Spell Id: 7941