Zhak Boomgrizzle
Double the powder and shorten the fuse.

Arcane: Mountain
Base Rarity: Epic
Troop Type: Dwarf
Troop Role: Striker
Troop Id: K10_16 / 6591
Max skills: 21    21    15    12
Kingdom: Khaziel
Kingdom Id: 3012
Trait #1: Dwarf Bond
Allied Dwarves gain 2 Life.
Trait #2: Fortitude
Immune to Stun, Poison, Disease, Death Mark and Devour.
Trait #3: Siegebreaker
Deal 3x - 5x Skull damage vs. Towers, based on my ascension.
Spell: Fire in the Hole!
Description: Deal [Magic + 4] damage to an enemy. If they are a Tower, deal 3x - 5x damage, based on my Ascensions. Explode 3 Red Gems.
Mana Color: Yellow, Brown
Mana Cost: 12
Spell Id: 7795