I will kill you with my bear hands.

Arcane: Light
Base Rarity: Legendary
Troop Type: Urska, Mystic
Troop Role: Mage
Troop Id: K28_10 / 6588
Max skills: 18    29    16    13
Kingdom: Urskaya
Kingdom Id: 3010
Trait #1: Urska Bond
Allied Urska gain 2 Life.
Trait #2: Arcane
Gain 1 Magic when an ally casts a spell.
Trait #3: Northern Clans
All Urska start the battle with 50% Mana.
Spell: Rage Bolt
Description: Deal [Magic + 10] scatter damage, boosted by enraged Allies. Enrage all allies and give them 5 Attack. [8x]
Mana Color: Green, Yellow
Mana Cost: 16
Spell Id: 7792