Tomb Spider
As if tombs weren't creepy enough.

Arcane: Lava
Base Rarity: Epic
Troop Type: Beast
Troop Role: Warlock
Troop Id: K03_12 / 6512
Max skills: 19    29    10    9
Kingdom: Zhul'Kari
Kingdom Id: 3029
Trait #1: Slippery
Immunity to Web.
Trait #2: Stalker
Deal double Skull damage vs. Webbed enemies.
Trait #3: Magic Spirit
Gain 1 Magic for each Purple ally.
Spell: Snaring Hunt
Description: Web and place a Hunter's Mark on the first enemy. Deal [Magic + 3] damage to them. If there are 13 or more Purple Gems, Death Mark the enemy.
Mana Color: Red, Brown
Mana Cost: 12
Spell Id: 7703