Bald is so beautiful it's always love at first bite.

Arcane: Skull
Base Rarity: Epic
Troop Type: Undead
Troop Role: Warrior
Troop Id: K13_11 / 6451
Max skills: 17    31    12    7
Kingdom: Ghulvania
Kingdom Id: 3007
Trait #1: Life Drain
Gain 4 Life when an enemy dies.
Trait #2: Stealthy
Cannot be targeted by spells (unless there are no other targets).
Trait #3: Undying
Immune to Poison, Disease, and Death Mark.
Spell: Blood Rite
Description: Deal [Magic + 1] true damage to an enemy. Deal double damage if there is a Darkstorm. Then transform into either an Umberwolf or Bat Swarm.
Mana Color: Purple, Brown
Mana Cost: 13
Spell Id: 7629