My little sea pony!

Arcane: Light
Base Rarity: Rare
Troop Type: Merfolk, Beast
Troop Role: Support
Troop Id: K29_01 / 6401
Max skills: 14    32    12    9
Kingdom: Merlantis
Kingdom Id: 3036
Trait #1: Merfolk Bond
Allied Merfolk gain 2 Life.
Trait #2: Fast
Start battles with 50% Mana.
Trait #3: Water Spirit
Gain 1 Magic for each Blue ally.
Spell: Strong Current
Description: Destroy a row. Give [Magic + 1] Life to a random ally, boosted by Yellow Gems destroyed. Double the effect if the ally uses Blue Mana. [3x]
Mana Color: Green, Yellow
Mana Cost: 11
Spell Id: 7556