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Arcane: Venom
Base Rarity: Epic
Troop Type: Wildfolk, Mystic
Troop Role: Support
Troop Id: Quest_K27 / 6335
Max skills: 19    27    12    4
Kingdom: Suncrest
Kingdom Id: 3023
Trait #1: Wildfolk Bond
Allied Wildfolk gain 2 Life.
Trait #2: Stryx Slayer
Deal double Skull damage vs. Stryx.
Trait #3: Arcane
Gain 1 Magic when an ally casts a spell.
Spell: Ruby Staff
Description: Give [Magic + 1] Life and Attack to an Ally. Cleanse them. If the Ally uses Red Mana, give them 3 Magic.
Mana Color: Green, Purple
Mana Cost: 12
Spell Id: 7485