Rock Spirit
They built this spirit on rock and soil.

Arcane: Skull
Base Rarity: Ultra-Rare
Troop Type: Elemental
Troop Role: Defender
Troop Id: K20_07 / 6303
Max skills: 13    19    29    9
Kingdom: Drifting Sands
Kingdom Id: 3024
Trait #1: Elemental Bond
Allied Elementals gain 2 Life.
Trait #2: Alert
Immunity to Silence.
Trait #3: Stoneskin
Reduce damage from Skulls by 50%.
Spell: Earthquake
Description: Destroy a row and column. Deal [Magic + 4] scatter damage, boosted by Brown Gems destroyed. [4x]
Mana Color: Purple, Brown
Mana Cost: 11
Spell Id: 7453