War... Huh... Yeah! What is it good for?

Arcane: Blood & Lava
Base Rarity: Mythic
Troop Type: Daemon, Knight
Troop Role: Warrior
Troop Id: K34_00 / 6197
Max skills: 23    18    21    5
Kingdom: Apocalypse
Kingdom Id: 3034
Trait #1: Armor Piercing
50% chance to ignore Armor with Skull damage.
Trait #2: Infernal Armor
Reflect 25% of Skull damage.
Trait #3: Aspect of War
Gain 3 Attack at the start of each turn.
Spell: Endless Conflict
Description: Burn all Enemies. Deal [Magic + 1] damage to an Enemy, boosted by my Attack. Gain an extra turn if the Enemy dies. [1:1]
Mana Color: Blue, Red, Brown
Mana Cost: 22
Spell Id: 7339