Dark Song
Her headwear is a lethal weapon.

Arcane: Venom
Base Rarity: Epic
Troop Type: Orc
Troop Role: Striker
Troop Id: Quest_K17 / 6134
Max skills: 15    31    17    12
Kingdom: Grosh-Nak
Kingdom Id: 3018
Trait #1: Accursed
All enemies lose 2 random Skill points.
Trait #2: Orc Cunning
Gain 2 Magic when I take damage.
Trait #3: Magic Link
Gain bonus Purple Mana from Purple Gem matches.
Spell: Mojo
Description: Deal [Magic + 6] damage to an Enemy, and eliminate 4 points of a random Skill. If the Enemy is an Orc or Daemon, steal 6 Mana.
Mana Color: Green, Purple
Mana Cost: 12
Spell Id: 7236