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Arcane: Skull
Base Rarity: Epic
Troop Type: Elf, Mystic
Troop Role: Warmaster
Troop Id: K03_05 / 6122
Max skills: 14    32    17    8
Kingdom: Zhul'Kari
Kingdom Id: 3029
Trait #1: Sturdy
Immune to Poison.
Trait #2: Dark Ancestry
Immune to Mana Drain, Silence, Faerie Fire, and Web.
Trait #3: Daemonic Pact
25% chance to summon an Ancient Horror on death.
Spell: Dark Swarm
Description: Deal [Magic + 4] scatter damage. Summon a Giant Spider.
Mana Color: Purple, Brown
Mana Cost: 11
Spell Id: 7214