Ten times as big as a man!

Arcane: Shield
Base Rarity: Legendary
Troop Type: Monster
Troop Role: Mage
Troop Id: Boss_K12 / 6077
Max skills: 16    27    22    6
Kingdom: Pridelands
Kingdom Id: 3005
Trait #1: Siege
Allies gain 2 Attack when invading in PVP.
Trait #2: Impervious
Immune to all Status Effects, Devour, and Mana Burn.
Trait #3: Immense
Gain 10 Life on 4 or 5 Gem matches.
Spell: Lay Waste
Description: Deal [Magic + 5] damage to all Enemies. Destroy 12 Gems.
Mana Color: Blue, Brown
Mana Cost: 14
Spell Id: 7147