War Sphinx
I Sphinx, therefore I am.

Arcane: Spirit
Base Rarity: Ultra-Rare
Troop Type: Monster
Troop Role: Support
Troop Id: K09_03 / 6039
Max skills: 14    25    23    0
Kingdom: Khetar
Kingdom Id: 3020
Trait #1: Water Brand
Gain 1 Attack for each Blue ally.
Trait #2: Regeneration
Recover 1 Life at the start of each turn.
Trait #3: Impervious
Immune to all Status Effects, Devour, and Mana Burn.
Spell: The Riddle
Description: Jumble the Board. Gain an extra turn.
Mana Color: Blue, Purple
Mana Cost: 7
Spell Id: 7039