She was once accused of lip-syncing... But ONLY once!

Arcane: Venom
Base Rarity: Rare
Troop Type: Fey, Elemental
Troop Role: Striker
Troop Id: K08_02 / 6034
Max skills: 16    26    14    10
Kingdom: Pan's Vale
Kingdom Id: 3003
Trait #1: Revered
All allies gain 2 random Skill points.
Trait #2: Alert
Immunity to Silence.
Trait #3: Empowered
Start battles with full Mana.
Spell: Lure
Description: Deal [Magic + 1] damage to an Enemy, and create 9 Gems of one of their Mana Colors.
Mana Color: Green, Purple
Mana Cost: 9
Spell Id: 7034