Ancient Horror
Forget those new-age horrors - they've got nothing on the ancient ones.

Arcane: Skull
Base Rarity: Ultra-Rare
Troop Type: Daemon
Troop Role: Striker
Troop Id: K02_03 / 6011
Max skills: 19    22    13    14
Kingdom: Karakoth
Kingdom Id: 3017
Trait #1: Accursed
All enemies lose 2 random Skill points.
Trait #2: Magic Link
Gain bonus Purple Mana from Purple Gem matches.
Trait #3: Stone Spirit
Gain 1 Magic for each Brown ally.
Spell: Daemonic Feast
Description: Deal [Magic + 3] damage to an Enemy. If the Enemy dies, gain 6 points to a random Skill.
Mana Color: Purple, Brown
Mana Cost: 10
Spell Id: 7011