Depths of Sin
The Root of all Evil

Description: Deep below the underworld portal the Demon Tartarus builds machines of war.
Troop Type: No Troop Type
Gem Mastery: Blue
Kingdom Id: K55 / 3072
Delve: The Infernal Portal

x2 Lord of the Depths: 1   1
x3 Duke of the Depths: 1   1   1
x4 King of the Depths: 3   3   1

Mana Color: Red, Purple

Map name:Underworld
Kingdom link: Sin of Maraj
Troops: Deminaga, Ironjaw, Tartarus, The Infernal Machine
Banner: Banner of Sin
Mana Bonus: +2 Purple +1 Red -1 Brown
Switch Release: Tuesday, Jan 1, 2030