Sin of Maraj
Gateway to the Underworld

Description: Once capital of the Maraji Empire, this city was destroyed long ago.
Troop Type: Daemon
Class: Doomsayer
Gem Mastery: Red
Kingdom Id: K34 / 3037
Tributes:  Gold: 0, Glory: 8, Souls: 8
Skill bonus: Attack

x2 Lord of Sin: 2
x3 Duke of Sin: 1   1   3
x4 King of Sin: 1   1   3   1

Arcane: Arcane Lava
Mana Color: Red, Brown

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 256 x 1423
Kingdom link: Depths of Sin
Troops: Barghast, Broker of Greed, Envoy of Pride, Envy, Glutmaw, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Queen of Sin, Sibyl of Lust, Sloth, Soldier of Wrath, Wrath

Weapons: Blade of Guilt, Doomed Crossbow, Jack-o-Lantern, Scythe of Sin, Scythie McScytheface, Sickle of Sin, Sins' Harvest, The Eighth Sin, Tome of Sin

Pets: Beelz, Hoodoo Doll, Semi Deminaga
Banner: Meteor Banner
Mana Bonus: +2 Red +1 Brown -1 Purple