Kingdom Under the Waves

Description: Few Merfolk from Merlantis ever travel to the lands above the waves.
Troop Type: Merfolk
Class: Tidecaller
Gem Mastery: Blue
Kingdom Id: K29 / 3036
Tributes:  Gold: 50, Glory: 8, Souls: 0
Skill bonus: Life

x2 Lord of the Seas: 1   1
x3 Duke of the Seas: 2   1   2
x4 King of the Seas: 3   2   3

Arcane: Arcane Swamp
Mana Color: Blue, Green

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 92 x 970
Kingdom link: Sea of Sorrow
Troops: Aquaticus, Azura, Coral Golem, Giant Crab, Hippocampus, Kuotani, Lamprey, Leviathan, Mantis Shrimp, Merlion, Mermaid, Mervorax, Nimue, Undine, Waverider

Weapons: Iron Wave, Nature Staff, Pearl of Wisdom, Spirit Staff, Thingamabob, Three Sisters, Tome of Wizardry, Undine's Trident, Writhing Staff

Pets: Bulb-Biter, Crabbie, Guppy, Orcy, Squidlet
Banner: Trident Banner
Mana Bonus: +2 Blue +1 Green -1 Yellow