The Deserted Halls

Description: Dwarves once ruled Dhrak-Zum, but they disturbed something powerful in the deeps.
Troop Type: Dwarf
Class: Slayer
Gem Mastery: Brown
Kingdom Id: K35 / 3035
Tributes:  Gold: 225, Glory: 0, Souls: 4
Skill bonus: Attack

x2 Lord of the Mines: 2
x3 Duke of the Mines: 4   1
x4 King of the Mines: 8   1

Arcane: Arcane Skull
Mana Color: Purple, Brown

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 1858 x 271
Kingdom link:
Troops: Blackfire Cannon, Bonebinder, Cursed Effigy, Doom of Stone, Dwarven Zombie, Fallen Valdis, Gemhammer, Glaycion, Griff Stonefeather, Ice Goblin, Ice Troll, Ice Worm, King Bloodhammer, Kryshound, Moira Cragheart, Obsidius, Slayer Ghost

Weapons: Axe of Dhrak-Zum, Daemon's Leash, Deathdealer, Doomed Blade, Falchion of Kings, Fire and Ice, Ghost's Bane, Icy Glaive, Illithia Faction Weapon, Korag's Invention, Stone Slicer, Titan's Bane

Pets: Brain Hamster, Hairy Hoarder, Rockweiler
Banner: Slayer Banner
Mana Bonus: +2 Brown +1 Purple -1 Yellow