Kingdom in the Clouds

Description: The Sky Elves of Shentang are a solitary kingdom, thought by many to be only a myth.
Troop Type: No Troop Type
Class: Monk
Gem Mastery: Yellow
Kingdom Id: K30 / 3030
Tributes:  Gold: 0, Glory: 9, Souls: 4
Skill bonus: Life

x2 Lord of Light: 2
x3 Duke of Light: 2   1
x4 King of Light: 2   2

Arcane: Arcane Storm
Mana Color: Red, Yellow

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 701 x 1418
Kingdom link: Lyrasza's Lair
Troops: Crimson Arrow, Diviner, Doom of Darkness, Emperor Liang, Monkey Disciple, Moon Rabbit, Pandaska Guard, Penglong, Qilin, Sifu Yuan, Spearmaster, Spellblade, Tian Yi, Tuliao, Xiong Mao, Yao Guai, Zhenniao

Weapons: Baat Jaam Dao, Blade of Justice, Doomed Libram, Festival Staff, Hammer of Shentang, Hook Sword, Light Staff, Sky Hero, Spiked Manriki, Staff of Insanity, Sunbolt Javelin

Pets: Hoglet, Mei, Rat of Fortune, Sad Panda, Shortlong
Banner: Lantern Banner
Mana Bonus: +2 Yellow +1 Red -1 Green