Divinion Fields
Plains of the Centaurs

Description: Herds of Centaurs roam the plains, living a peaceful life, and worshipping the stars.
Troop Type: Centaur
Class: Oracle
Gem Mastery: Yellow
Kingdom Id: K04 / 3028
Tributes:  Gold: 50, Glory: 6, Souls: 8
Skill bonus: Life

x2 Lord of Stars: 1
x3 Duke of Stars: 2   2
x4 King of Stars: 3   4

Arcane: Arcane Plains
Mana Color: Yellow, Purple

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 711 x 1136
Kingdom link: Wild Court
Troops: Anthea, Artema, Astral Spirit, Atlanta, Bul'Tauros, Centaur Scout, Guardian of the Fields, Herdmaster, Herne, Horse Lord, Moa, Nightwing, Orion's Herald, Orion, Pegasus, Plainsjumper, Ragnagord, Star Gazer, The Worldbreaker

Weapons: Bullseye, Doomed Chronicle, Dream Catcher, Eternal Flame, Firefly, Rose Bow, Scout's Bow, Shooting Star, Staff of the Fields, Staff of Visions, Wild Hunter

Pets: Falabella, Minirino, Pegaset
Banner: Divinion Banner
Mana Bonus: +1 Yellow +1 Purple