Wild Plains
The Horned Lands

Description: The Wild Plains are home to many primitive, shamanistic tribes of Minotaurs.
Troop Type: Tauros
Class: Shaman
Gem Mastery: Red
Kingdom Id: K18 / 3027
Tributes:  Gold: 50, Glory: 8, Souls: 0
Skill bonus: Attack

x2 Lord of Bulls: 2
x3 Duke of Bulls: 1   4
x4 King of Bulls: 2   6

Arcane: Arcane Beast
Mana Color: Green, Red

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 458 x 1246
Kingdom link:
Troops: Bane Jaw, Bulette, Bullserker, Chief Stronghorn, Cloudstalker, Earthcaller, Festival Cow, Gnoll, Gorgon, Hydra, Hyena, Ketras the Bull, Midge Swarm, Minogor, Mongo, Queen Moonclaw, Ridgeback, Savage Hunter, Skeleros, Soothsayer, Sunweaver, Tauros, Wild Fang, Winged Bison

Weapons: Bull's Edge, Bullroarer, Crossbow of Exile, Doomed Maul, Fire Ruby Staff, Head Cleaver, Primal Axe, Ragereaver, Staff of the Wild, Warrior's Axe

Pets: Chomp Chomp Chomp, Minitaur, Smallpaca
Banner: Horned Banner
Mana Bonus: +1 Green +1 Red