The Isle of the Slave Lords

Description: Once a shining beacon in the Elder Sea, Darkstone's Lords became corrupt and evil many centuries ago.
Troop Type: Mystic
Class: Plaguelord
Gem Mastery: Purple
Kingdom Id: K19 / 3022
Tributes:  Gold: 100, Glory: 2, Souls: 16
Skill bonus: Magic

x2 Lord of Chains: 1
x3 Duke of Chains: 2   2
x4 King of Chains: 4   3

Arcane: Arcane Skull
Mana Color: Purple, Brown

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 1553 x 1594
Kingdom link: All-Seeing Eye
Troops: Anointed One, Ba'el, Blind Guardian, Corrupt Sorceress, Corrupt Troll, Dark Master, Dimetraxia, Executioner, Giant Toad, Gruz the Undefeated, Hag, Magnus, Merchant Prince, Mother of Darkness, Night Hag, Psion, Remnant, Sea Troll, Sister of Shadows, The Possessed King, Thrall, Troglodyte, Umbraxis, Watcher

Weapons: Black Manacles, Blood-Drinker, Chalice of Eyes, Dark Sword, Doomed Runestones, Essence of Evil, Idol of Darkstone, Jar of Eyes, Nysha's Skull, Scythe of Corruption, Soultrap, Spellfire

Pets: Eye Pod, Ninja Cat, Trogpole
Banner: Dark Banner
Mana Bonus: +1 Purple +1 Brown