Blighted Lands
The Abyssal Portal

Description: The Blighted Lands contain a portal to the Abyssal Realm, home of Daemons. They are ruled by the Infernal King.
Troop Type: Daemon
Class: Diabolist
Gem Mastery: Purple
Kingdom Id: K21 / 3021
Tributes:  Gold: 25, Glory: 1, Souls: 32
Skill bonus: Magic

x2 Lord of Daemons: 1
x3 Duke of Daemons: 1   1
x4 King of Daemons: 3   1

Arcane: Arcane Dark
Mana Color: Red, Purple

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 1896 x 1413
Kingdom link: Fell Roost
Troops: Abynissia, Blightwing, Bone Daemon, Creeper, Dark Monolith, Desdaemona, Doom of Flame, Erinyes, Gate of Souls, Hellcat, Hellhound, Herald of Chaos, Incubus, Infernal King, Lamashtu, Lucifria, Nightmare, Quasit, Sir Mordayne, Succubus, Twisted Hero, Venbarak

Weapons: Burning Scythe, Chaos Blade, Daemonic Khopesh, Deathspire, Fell Ward, Fiend Fire, Fire Staff, Heart of Xathenos, Scythe of the Blight, Shattered Blade, Soulreaper

Pets: Dark Helmut, Hellpuppy, Wimp
Banner: Abyssal Banner
Mana Bonus: +2 Purple +1 Red -1 Yellow