Dragon's Claw
Birthplace of Dragons

Description: High atop these mountains live many Dragons, and their servants, the Dragonians.
Troop Type: Dragon
Class: Dragonguard
Gem Mastery: Red
Kingdom Id: K24 / 3019
Tributes:  Gold: 25, Glory: 7, Souls: 8
Skill bonus: Armor

x2 Lord of Dragons: 1
x3 Duke of Dragons: 2   2
x4 King of Dragons: 2   4

Arcane: Arcane Storm
Mana Color: Red, Yellow

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 1758 x 890
Kingdom link:
Troops: Asha, Baby Dragon, Couatl, Divinia, Dragon Eggs, Dragonette, Dragonian Monk, Dragonian Rogue, Dragonmoth, Dragotaur, Droggo, Egg Thief, Elemaugrim, Lady Garnetia, Lord Ember, Peryton, Thaumaris, The Dragon Soul, Visk, Volthrenax

Weapons: Dragon Fire, Dragon's Eye, Eggsplosion, Imperial Jewel, Lance of Divinity, Mace of Claws, Prey Seeker, Torc of the Dragon, Volcanic Shield

Pets: Dragonkitty, Dragonpuppy, Playful Dragonkitty, Revered Dragonkitty, Whelp, Wyrmling
Banner: Dragon Banner
Mana Bonus: +2 Red +1 Yellow -1 Brown