The Shattered Lands

Description: These once-noble tribes of Gurakk were corrupted into Orcs by the powers of chaos.
Troop Type: Orc
Class: Barbarian
Gem Mastery: Red
Kingdom Id: K17 / 3018
Tributes:  Gold: 0, Glory: 2, Souls: 32
Skill bonus: Armor

x2 Lord of Orcs: 1
x3 Duke of Orcs: 2   2
x4 King of Orcs: 4   2

Arcane: Arcane Lava
Mana Color: Red, Brown

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 1694 x 1231
Kingdom link:
Troops: Armored Boar, Bor'Gakk, Cyclops, Dark Song, Dire Boar, Drake Rider, Drake, Elf-Eater, Fel'Dras, Fist of Zorn, Gar'Nok, Gargantaur, Gor'Thrum, Kruarg the Dread, Ogryn, Orc Veteran, Orc, Shade of Zorn, Sol'Zara, Summoner, Vor'Karn, War Wolf, Wyvern

Weapons: Bloody Axe, Bonescraper, Doomed Codex, Earth's Fury, Knuckle Smasher, Mang, Orc King's Club, Primal Rage, Skull Cleaver, Spiked Mace, String of Teeth

Pets: Ice Jelly, Ogrikin, Weenie Wyvern
Banner: Orc's Banner
Mana Bonus: +1 Red +1 Brown