The Land of Ancient Gods

Description: The towers of Warlocks dot the ruined land of Karakoth, as their masters search for ancient secrets.
Troop Type: Construct
Class: Sorcerer
Gem Mastery: Purple
Kingdom Id: K02 / 3017
Tributes:  Gold: 50, Glory: 2, Souls: 24
Skill bonus: Magic

x2 Lord of Magic: 2
x3 Duke of Magic: 2   1
x4 King of Magic: 2   2

Arcane: Arcane Death
Mana Color: Purple

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 1203 x 1049
Kingdom link:
Troops: Abhorath, Acolyte, Ahrimas, Ancient Horror, Corrupt Magus, Cthyryzyx, Dark Troll, Eldritch Guardian, Ferit, Gelatinous Cube, Golem, Green Slime, Hellspawn, Medea, Myzmer, Netherhound, Sacrificial Priest, Tome of Evil, Tzathoth, Vash'Dagon, Void Portal, Wall of Tentacles, Warlock, Zuul'Goth

Weapons: Daemonomicon, Dagger of the Void, Doomed Cauldron, Grasping Grimoire, Infernal Voulge, Lost Grimoire, Null Sphere, Staff of Madness, Staff of Otherworlds, Tome of Karakoth, Wizard's Wand

Pets: Drool'Goth, Eyelet, Puddling, Slimeball
Banner: Old Gods' Banner
Mana Bonus: +2 Purple