The Land of Faith

Description: The tall white and gold temples of Whitehelm are magnificent to behold.
Troop Type: Divine
Class: Priest
Gem Mastery: Yellow
Kingdom Id: K07 / 3014
Tributes:  Gold: 0, Glory: 10, Souls: 0
Skill bonus: Armor

x2 Lord of Devas: 2
x3 Duke of Devas: 2   1   2
x4 King of Devas: 2   1   2   1

Arcane: Arcane Summer
Mana Color: Yellow

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 1346 x 583
Kingdom link: Hall of Guardians
Troops: Angry Mob, Archon Statue, Bishop, Celestasia, Gaard's Avatar, Grand Inquisitor, Gravitas, High Paladin, Holy St. Astra, Lady Sapphira, Mercy, Moloch, Paladin, Patience, Penitent, Priestess, Sacred Guardian, Sister Superior, Solari, Statue of St. Veritas, Templar, War Cleric

Weapons: Celestial Staff, Divine Protector, Doomed Scripture, Gaard's Wall, Guardian Crown, Guardian Hammer, Holy Symbol, Priest's Hammer, Staff of St. Astra, Staff of Whitehelm

Pets: Peace Pigeon, Sacred Cub, Tiny Dancer, Valentiny
Banner: Holy Banner
Mana Bonus: +2 Yellow