The Savage North

Description: Despite their savagery, the Northern Urska have carved out a niche of civilization in the mountains.
Troop Type: Urska
Class: Sentinel
Gem Mastery: Brown
Kingdom Id: K28 / 3010
Tributes:  Gold: 175, Glory: 1, Souls: 8
Skill bonus: Life

x2 Lord of Bears: 2
x3 Duke of Bears: 1   4
x4 King of Bears: 2   6

Arcane: Arcane Lava
Mana Color: Red, Brown

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 588 x 99
Kingdom link: Werewoods
Troops: Baba Yaga, Berengari, Corrupted Urska, Domovoi, Doomclaw, King Mikhail, Leshy, Mammoth, Urska Dragoon, Urska Druid, Urska Savage, Urskatyr, Urskayan Blue, Urskula, Vodyanoi, Yaga's Hut

Weapons: Axe of the North, Bear Totem, Beastly Claw, Frozen Soul, Guardian Halberd, Hammer of Urskaya, Razorclaw, Shield of Urskaya, Stone Sword, Urskayan Crown

Pets: Little Blue, Sir Ted, Snowball, Urskine, Urskoala
Banner: Bear Banner
Mana Bonus: +2 Brown +1 Red -1 Purple