The Seat of High Magic

Description: The Archmages of Silverglade command the oldest and most powerful magic in Krystara.
Troop Type: Elf
Class: Archmagus
Gem Mastery: Purple
Kingdom Id: K26 / 3009
Tributes:  Gold: 25, Glory: 6, Souls: 12
Skill bonus: Magic

x2 Lord of the Glade: 1
x3 Duke of the Glade: 1   1
x4 King of the Glade: 1   2

Arcane: Arcane Plains
Mana Color: Yellow, Purple

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 209 x 371
Kingdom link: Silver Necropolis
Troops: Arcanus, Elven Bard, Enchantress, Grimcorn, Hind, Krystenax, Lord Ehrondil, Princess Elspeth, Queen Aurora, Silver Drakon, Silver Oak, Swordmaster, The Silvermaiden, Unicorn, Will of Nysha, Willow, Wisp

Weapons: Crystal Point, Doomed Mask, Emerald Tear, Life and Death, Nature Sword, Prismatic Orb, Reflection of Good, Runestone of Silverglade, Silver Sword, Staff of the Magus, Sun and Moon

Pets: Bonicorn, Holiday Shrub, Leafette, Puppy Wizard, Tinycorn
Banner: Unicorn Banner
Mana Bonus: +2 Purple +1 Yellow -1 Red