Maugrim Woods
The Wolves of the Wilds

Description: Hostile tribes of Wargare - the wolf people - live deep within Maugrim Woods.
Troop Type: Wargare
Class: Warden
Gem Mastery: Green
Kingdom Id: K16 / 3008
Tributes:  Gold: 150, Glory: 2, Souls: 8
Skill bonus: Life

x2 Lord of Wolves: 1
x3 Duke of Wolves: 2   2
x4 King of Wolves: 4   2

Arcane: Arcane Swamp
Mana Color: Blue, Green

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 547 x 355
Kingdom link:
Troops: Barbearius, Cockatrice, Dire Cub, Dire Wolf, Druid, Fenrir, Forest Guardian, Kerberos, Krampus, Moonsinger, Ranger, Scarlett, Sir Wulfric, Spirit Fox, Spiritdancer, Totem Guardian, Tracker, Ulfr Huntsmaster, Warg, Wargare Brute, Wayfinder, Wulfgarok

Weapons: Bow of Betrayal, Crimson Insignia, Dagger of Maugrim, Doomed Glaive, Hope's Crescent, Ice Arrow, Piercing Lance, Warden's Gauntlets, Wargare Invasion Weapon, Wolf Hammer

Pets: Fennekit, Lil' Kerby, Little Lupus, Prancer
Banner: Wolf's Banner
Mana Bonus: +1 Blue +1 Green