Sword's Edge
Knights of the Iron Reach

Description: Rich in mineral, Sword's Edge is ruled by feudal lords and their bands of knights.
Troop Type: Knight
Class: Knight
Gem Mastery: Blue
Kingdom Id: K14 / 3006
Tributes:  Gold: 125, Glory: 5, Souls: 0
Skill bonus: Armor

x2 Lord of Blades: 2
x3 Duke of Blades: 6
x4 King of Blades: 10

Arcane: Arcane Blade
Mana Color: Blue, Yellow

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 332 x 768
Kingdom link: Crypt Keepers
Troops: Champion of Anu, Champion of Gaard, Court Jester, Dragon Knight, Griffon Knight, Innkeeper, Knight Captain, Knight Coronet, Lance Knight, Man-at-Arms, Peasant, Queen Ysabelle, Queen's Herald, Ser Cygnea, Shadow Dragon, Sir Ebonheart, Sir Gwayne, Sir Quentin Hadley, Tau, Valor, Vanguard, Warhound, Wolf Knight

Weapons: Anu's Sceptre, Cane Sword, Order and Chaos, Secrets of the Crypt, Serve and Protect, Shield of the Edge, Soul Blade, Sword of Heroes, The Edged Blade

Pets: Griffling, Minito Mori, Scrappy, Toy Soldier, War Corgi
Banner: Sword Banner
Mana Bonus: +1 Blue +1 Yellow