Bright Forest
The Summer Court

Description: The Summer Fey, ruled by Queen Titania, live in this idyllic forest.
Troop Type: Fey
Class: Hierophant
Gem Mastery: Green
Kingdom Id: K31 / 3002
Tributes:  Gold: 25, Glory: 2, Souls: 28
Skill bonus: Life

x2 Lord of Summer: 2
x3 Duke of Summer: 2   1
x4 King of Summer: 2   4   1

Arcane: Arcane Venom
Mana Color: Green, Purple

Map name: Krystara
Map position: 1456 x 1858
Kingdom link: Sunken Fleet
Troops: Birchthorn, Brownie, Cat Sith, Child of Summer, Cu Sith, Doom of Nature, Fey Cap, Florian, Glitterclaw, Leprechaun, Old Man Oakroot, Pixie, Prince Ethoras, Queen Titania, Shimmerscale, Summer Knight, Suna, Tinseltail

Weapons: Dawnbringer, Eagle Eye, Faery Ring, Fey Wand, Last Harbor, Staff of Bright Forest, Summer Aegis, Summer's Fury, Summer's Wonder, Titania's Fan, Trickster's Shot

Pets: Feyrie, Kit Sith, Micro Muffin Pro, Micro Muffin X, Micro Muffin, Minnow
Banner: Summer Banner
Mana Bonus: +2 Green +1 Purple -1 Blue