Doomed Gavel

Rarity: Doomed
Weapon Type: Hammer
Weapon Role: Striker
Obtain by: Soulforge & Special Events
Weapon ID: 1300
Description: Deal [Magic + 5] heavy splash damage to an Enemy, +4 per Tempering level. Stun all Yellow Enemies, and Cleanse all Yellow Allies. Explode 4 Gems, if the Enemy has a Doom, explode 3 more.
Mana Color: Yellow
Mana Cost: 18
Spell Id: 8257
+1 Attack
+2 Attack
+4 Life
+2 Attack
+2 Attack
Lucky: Gain 2 to a random skill
Peaceful: Silence the first enemy
Rending: Deal 3 splash damage to a random enemy
Light: Create a Lightstorm
Doomed Light: Drain 2 Mana from Yellow Enemies

Kingdom: Broken Spire
Kingdom Id: 3000
Switch Release: Tuesday, Jan 1, 2030