Beastly Claw

Rarity: Legendary
Weapon Type: Polearm
Weapon Role: Striker
Obtain by: Soulforge & Special Events
Weapon ID: 1295
Description: Deal [Magic + 2] damage to the first 2 Enemies, boosted by Allied Beasts. Summon a Beast. [4x]
Mana Color: Green, Red
Mana Cost: 15
Spell Id: 8233
+2 Armor
+2 Attack
+1 Magic
+2 Attack
+2 Attack
Mighty: Gain 2 Attack
Marked: Hunter's Mark the first enemy
Rending: Deal 3 splash damage to a random enemy
Leaf: Create a Leafstorm

Kingdom: Urskaya
Kingdom Id: 3010
Switch Release: Tuesday, Jan 1, 2030