Glaive of Many Goats

Rarity: Legendary
Weapon Type: Polearm
Weapon Role: Generator
Obtain by: Soulforge & Special Events
Weapon ID: 1289
Description: Deal [Magic + 7] damage to an Enemy boosted by Wildfolk Allies. Then create a mix of 6 Green and Yellow Gems for each Wildfolk Ally. [6x]
Mana Color: Red, Brown
Mana Cost: 14
Spell Id: 8198
+2 Armor
+2 Attack
+1 Magic
+2 Attack
+2 Attack
Mighty: Gain 2 Attack
Primal: Destroy 3 random Green Gems
Reaching: Deals 5 damage to the second enemy
Leaf: Create a Leafstorm

Kingdom: Pan's Vale
Kingdom Id: 3003
Switch Release: Tuesday, Jan 1, 2030