Rarity: Mythic
Weapon Type: Axe
Weapon Role: Assassin
Obtain by: Slayer Class Weapon Reward
Weapon ID: 1262
Description: Deal [Magic + 6] damage to an Enemy. If the Enemy is Bleeding, deal double damage. There's a 10% chance to slay them, boosted by Doomskulls. [2x]
Mana Color: Red
Mana Cost: 14
Spell Id: 8083
+1 Attack
+2 Attack
+4 Armor
+2 Attack
+2 Attack
Mighty: Gain 2 Attack
Raging: Enrage myself
Ruined: Create a Doomskull
Rending: Deal 3 splash damage to a random enemy
Hemorrhage: Bleed the first Enemy

Kingdom: Dhrak-Zum
Kingdom Id: 3035
Switch Release: Tuesday, Jan 1, 2030